WWE Not Punishing Paige Over Leaked Videos


Dave Meltzer reported on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio that Paige will not be punished for the leaked adult footage that was stolen from her phone and leaked online. It’s being said that WWE feels that she is the victim and there are many other factors that play into this decision.

The feeling is if they punish Paige, they will also have to punish Xavier Woods for his participation in the clips. It’s also believed that if they fired Paige and Woods over clips, Hulk Hogan would not be able to return to the company. The hope is that the whole situation will blow over but if it doesn’t things could change later down the road, especially if sponsorship is effected.

The company also feels its not a good to fire people that are out with an injury that they suffered on their watch. If they do decide to fire her, it will be after she is healthy.

PWInsider also reported that there was a closed-door meeting ahead of Monday’s RAW in Brooklyn to discuss the matter. Vince McMahon, Triple H, officials from Talent Relations and others were present.

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