Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Sasha Banks’ Marriage, Reby Hardy Lashes Out, Impact’s Biggest Issues Moving Forward, More!

JBL went on the record recently discussing the return of part time talents such as Goldberg. JBL says that during the Attitude Era, WWE didn’t have to bring back part-timers because they had guys like The Rock and Steve Austin. Nowadays, although WWE has great young talent, guys like Goldberg are still huge draws and until they’re no longer draws, we’ll continue to see these guys return on big shows.

There’s no reading between the lines with those comments and Russo applauds JBL for stating a fact, even though he’s sure JBL will be reprimanded by WWE for those comments.

Several former talents such as Taz spoke out last week, sharing their disapproval of Mauro Ranallo missing last week’s Smackdown. Russo says that Taz is 100% correct in this case, because you can’t miss a show. He says that Ranallo knows that Taz is right as well, and the fact that Ranallo missed this show tells Russo that something is up and there might be more to this situation than meets the eye.

Jeff Jarrett recently responded to the dip in ratings from Impact’s first week to their second week. Russo says that through talking about a boost in YouTube views and more, Jarrett put a spin on this decline in an attempt to keep Anthem’s confidence early on in this partnership. Russo says the most important thing Impact has right now is their television deal with PopTV, and he’s unsure how social media views helps their situation with PopTV.