Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Sasha Banks’ Marriage, Reby Hardy Lashes Out, Impact’s Biggest Issues Moving Forward, More!

Russo talks about the recent attack on Matt and Jeff Hardy by Anthem’s owner. Russo says that this just proves that TNA’s problems always ran deeper than Dixie Carter. The entire organization is ‘busch league’ because no professional organization takes shots at their former talent like that. Even when the talents take shots at the company, the organization needs to be above that and take the high road.

Anthem also sent cease and desist letters to the PPV providers of ROH’s recent show featuring Matt and Jeff. This resulted in the Dish Network pulling the ROH show due to fear of legal action. Reby Hardy responded in a Twitter rant where she tore down the company and its new executives.

Russo says that Reby Hardy is a ‘no nonsense’ type of girl who isn’t going to take crap from anyone. He also liked that Matt came out publicly in support of his wife’s comments and although it might not be the most professional way of handling the situation, sometimes real situations call for real reactions.

Russo also points out that Matt and Jeff Hardy are two of the most beloved performers of their time. They have both been through a lot professionally and personally, and their new ‘Broken’ characters are extremely popular. It seems outrageous to Russo that Impact Wrestling would pit themselves against these two extremely popular characters. It’s a pop culture war they’ll never win.