The Taz Show Recap – Paige’s Video Leak, Chair Shots to the Head, Southpaw Regional Wrestling, More!

Blocks 2 & 3:

A listener calls into the show and asks Taz if it was possible, would he go back in time and prevent him and his friends from taking all the chair shots that they took years ago. Taz says that he absolutely hates chair shots now, and if he could he would absolutely go back in time and prevent all those head shots from ever occurring.

He can recall sitting in a production meeting during his time working for TNA, where they were actually considering allowing chair shots to the head for a specific angle or match. Taz couldn’t believe what he was hearing and immediately spoke out against it. This was at a time when WWE had already outlawed chair shots to the head and everyone was well aware of the danger that surrounded those blows.

Taz makes it clear that he has never been in any spot in his career where he was made to take a chair shot to the head. Every chair shot he took during his career was by his own doing, and although he has heard stories from other wrestlers who claim otherwise, Taz was never put in that type of a situation by anyone who he worked for.

He points out that after a certain period of time, performers started getting their hands up to semi-protect themselves while absorbing chair shots to the head. It was also done in an attempt to legitimize the business, because it’s a natural reaction to raise your hands to protect yourself when you’re about to get hit in the head with something.