Conversation with the Big Guy Recap – Indie Bookings, Bashing Social Media Warriors, Goldberg’s Title Run, More!

During that same match, Ryback attempted to deliver a move from the top turnbuckle when he slipped and scraped his shin. He picked himself back up and when he finally jumped to deliver the move he hit his head off the ceiling because it was so low. He’s thankful the ceiling was soft because he would have knocked himself out otherwise.

Ryback talks about some terrible comments he has seen on social media as of late. He thinks it’s incredible that some people spend their time on social media saying these terrible things about other people. He wonders, “What the F*** is wrong with you?” if that’s how you spend your days. He believes people need to be held accountable for the things they say online because without accountability, the worst kind of people shine through.

Speaking about the stereotype that all big guys are on steroids, Ryback says the critical difference between him and most other big, jacked-up guys is the fact that he trains with his mind. Although he did steroids very early on in his career, he has spent the last several years building his body through hard work and dedication.

Ryback urges his listeners to check out the first two seasons of Lucha Underground on Netflix. He believes it was a very smart business move for Lucha Underground to sign on with Netflix at this point. Their product will be exposed to a whole new collection of viewers, and he thinks this will be very beneficial for the promotion moving forward.