Conversation with the Big Guy Recap – Indie Bookings, Bashing Social Media Warriors, Goldberg’s Title Run, More!

Ryback also recalls eating WWE ice cream bars many years ago, and he believes it’s a missed opportunity on WWE’s part that they’re not still selling those bars. He jokes that perhaps Vince McMahon got too greedy with the ice cream suppliers and they backed out of the deal. He mentions that the success of The New Day’s cereal has opened the door for an ice cream line as well.

Ryback informs that his independent bookings have taken off as of late, and he’s going to be extremely busy over the next few months. He says that he’s having a lot of fun working indie dates and it’s a big relief for him that he has Pat Buck handling all of his bookings. He can’t imagine having to handle all of his bookings on his own, because he thinks that would be a major headache for him.

Buck suggests that most wrestlers find themselves an agent if it’s financially feasible because it can be a nightmare having to handle all of your own bookings as a talent. It’s very beneficial to have someone who knows the business take care of your bookings for you, to ensure you’re getting paid like you should and to guarantee that you don’t get taken advantage of by shady promoters.

Ryback talks about a recent match he had with Fallah Bahh. Bahh was teasing him pre-match saying that Ryback wouldn’t be able to lift him up for a Shellshock and when they tried it backstage he actually failed to get Fallah Bahh up. Ryback was still confident that he’d get Bahh up during the match.