The Taz Show Recap – JBL Attacks Ranallo on Twitter, Wyatt Family Drama, Return of the Curb Stomp? More!

Block 2:

Taz says that Ranallo probably shouldn’t have retweeted that tweet because you need to earn respect in the wrestling business. He says it’s “…all about the bump card”, and newer guys simply can’t do things like that. Guys like JBL are from a different era and Taz can understand it because he’s from the same era.

A listener calls into the show and asks Taz if the iconic WrestleMania 3 card influenced him to get involved in the professional wrestling business. Taz says it didn’t really influence him at all. He was always a fan of the business, but it was never his dream to be a professional wrestler.

He says that he was at a point in his life where he really needed a job and he decided to try professional wrestling. Some of his friends realized quickly that Taz might be pretty good at this, and told him that he may have a future in the business. Sure enough, things worked out pretty well for Taz as a pro wrestler.