Lesser Known Feel Good Moments from WrestleMania 32

Ah yessir, we are officially “sort of really, but not yet super” close to Wrestlemania 33. While last year’s event left a sour taste in many a mouth, there’s more than a few cherished moments that we shall look back fondly on. Of course, the big “feel good moment” of last year’s event was The Rock being able to step in the same ring as Big Red Erick Rowan. As such, many other moments are often forgotten. Never fear, though. Let us refresh our memories and feel good again.


4. Brie Bella’s Last Match

Much like her husband Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella called it quits last year. Unlike her husband Daniel Bryan, she was able to have a proper send-off match. Sure, it was on the pre-show, but that’s not a bad thing. What matters is that she was able to go out properly.

For reasons I can’t really remember, a whole bunch of women were fighting. They were split into two factions: Team Total Divas and Team Bad and Blonde. Bad and Blonde had Naomi, Tamina, Lana, Emma, and Summer Rae. You may notice that only 3 of those women are blonde. Meanwhile, Alicia Fox, Paige, Brie, and Natalya were team Total Divas, presumably due to their involvement in the show Total Divas. Eva Marie also teamed with them, because she had to be both bad and blonde, but she was just bad. They already had the “bad wrestler” role filled by Tamina, and too many cooks spoil the broth.

The teams went to war in a match longer than the US title match before it, and in the end, Brie Bella made Naomi tap out to the Yes Lock. Afterwards everything was all fine and dandy, and Nikki came out to celebrate with her sister. This would be Brie’s last match ever, and she got her moment.


3. Sin Cara’s Family Saw Him Perform

Everyone talks about Zack Ryder having his Wrestlemania moment by finally becoming Intercontinental Champion. Everyone also talks about Miz taking a massive dump on Ryder’s parade the very next day. Many actually don’t know that Sin Cara’s family was there to watch him fall off a ladder multiple times.

Kevin Owens revealed that pretty much all of the dudes in the match wanted Ryder to win, because the dude deserved it (clap clap clapclapclap). Owens also revealed that he was also happy because Sin Cara’s family was there to witness his first actual match. Prior to 32, Sin Cara’s Wrestlemania resume pretty much just said “Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal participant”. It was time for him to have an actual match where he wasn’t just unceremoniously dumped out of the ring. Now he would be ceremoniously dumped out of the ring and onto some ladders.

At his first Wrestlemania match, Sin Cara’s family was there to witness it. Sure, he didn’t win, but it’s very similar to having your family be present in a play you were part of, or having them watch a movie you had a supporting role in. It’s not nothing is what I’m saying. The family was there, masks and all, and tears were shed (and then soaked into the masks they were wearing).

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