Dinner with the King Recap – Suffering Cardiac Arrest & In-ring Return, WrestleMania Match with Michael Cole, One More Match vs. Ziggler? More!

After the match, Cole told Lawler that he was blown up in the first minute of the match, and there’s no doubt in Lawler’s mind that this affected Cole’s performance. All in all, Lawler thought Cole did fine under the conditions, and with the limitations he had in the ring.

Lawler believes that if he were to have a return match, a bout with Dolph Ziggler would make a lot of sense. Given their history together, Lawler thinks if Ziggler takes credit for causing his cardiac arrest and refuses to apologize for it, fans would be heavily invested in that storyline. He thinks that match would be a fitting way to put a bow on his WWE in-ring career.

He believes that if he went in and asked Vince McMahon to have one more match and really put him on the spot, Vince would okay it. Lawler says he will never do that to Vince however, because he wouldn’t want to take advantage of their friendship and put that responsibility on Vince’s shoulders. With that in mind, he thinks the ship has probably sailed on a WWE in-ring return.

Lawler thinks that Michael Cole’s heel performance was very good during the build up to their match. After that feud, he thinks Vince McMahon wanted Cole back in line as straight down the middle play-by-play guy. Lawler knows for a fact that Cole misses doing that heel persona because he was such a natural at it.

That sums up this week’s episode of Dinner with the King. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!