Dinner with the King Recap – Suffering Cardiac Arrest & In-ring Return, WrestleMania Match with Michael Cole, One More Match vs. Ziggler? More!

Lawler informs that he has won 168 Title matches in his career, but not one in WWE. On his 60th birthday he was given an opportunity to face The Miz in a ladder match on live television for the WWE Championship. The match turned out to be great and just when it looked like he was going to claim the Title, Michael Cole jumped in the ring and screwed him. From that point on, it was very easy for fans to get emotionally invested in that story.

As their feud progressed, Michael Cole got a lot of heat from fans by talking about Lawler’s recently deceased mother. WWE’s creative team and Cole cleared all those comments with Lawler, and since Cole wasn’t saying anything really disparaging about his mother he had no issue with it. However, the comments struck a cord with a lot of fans and Cole was booed heavily, just as WWE planned.

Lawler mentions that Michael Cole had no experience in a wrestling ring prior to this angle, so even though the build-up to this match was good, the match itself left a little to be desired. If he were to do it over, he would shorten the match and involve Austin and Swagger more.

He also mentions that they tried to plan out the match with Cole beforehand, but during one of the rehearsal sessions Lawler threw a dropkick and chipped Cole’s teeth. They figured they’d be better off just going out there and making it happen live in front of the WrestleMania crowd.