Dinner with the King Recap – WWE Release & New Contract, Working on WWE Video Games, Staying Busy on the Indies, More!

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Speaking about his current situation with WWE, Lawler says that WWE is a very succesful company who has been very proactive, staying ahead of the curve on many things throughout the years. There’s so much new, young talent there that they need to make room for these guys.

After many years on RAW, Lawler was moved to Smackdown where he was having fun working with Mauro Ranallo. Eventually he was moved to the pre-shows, but soon that came to an end and that’s when he received a call from WWE saying they had nothing for him creatively at that time.

Lawler was somewhat taken aback by this news but he soon received a call from Vince McMahon directly, who said that Lawler is still, and always will be a part of the WWE family. They still want him to be involved with various tasks, and he’ll probably be busier than ever.

Lawler admits that he was making good money at WWE, because ever since he signed there he would get a raise every time he signed a new contract. With budget cuts, they could probably hire 3 or 4 new people in place of Lawler so he completely understood that.

He informs that he recently signed new contract for a certain amount of dates and he’s confident that he’ll be with the company for as long as he chooses. He will be hosting the Hall of Fame ceremony this year, and it looks like he’ll be calling one match at WrestleMania as well.

He admits that he misses calling wrestling matches, especially when he watches the shows. On the other hand, he certainly doesn’t miss the weekly travelling.

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