Dinner with the King Recap – WWE Release & New Contract, Working on WWE Video Games, Staying Busy on the Indies, More!

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Speaking about the Attitude Era, Lawler still can’t believe half of the things that they said on air during that time. He says that WWE would never get away with that today since they’re now a publicly traded company and they have major sponsors to answer to. Lawler still thinks there is a demand from the public for that kind of wrestling programming, but it simply won’t fly these days.

Lawler speaks about the criticism he received after appearing on Talking Smack a couple of weeks ago. During that show he made a joke about the size of Nia Jax and some fans attacked him on social media calling his remarks a ‘fat joke’. Lawler insists that it wasn’t a fat joke, he was simply using humour to drive home how big Jax is.

He loves humour, and he never once said Jax was fat. He was was pointing out how big she is, and if anyone disagrees with that they should try standing next to Jax. Although he was just trying to be entertaining, he realizes that he can’t please everyone. With the rise of social media, everyone has a voice now.

Lawler is now 67 years old but he still loves to wrestle, and he’s still taking 4-5 bookings a month on the independent scene. He says there’s no better feeling that throwing a dropkick and hearing the ‘You still got it!’ chants from the fans. He believes that you don’t stop doing the things you love because you get old, you get old because you stop doing the things you love.

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