Conversation with the Big Guy Recap – Confronting McMahon at WrestleMania 31, Daniel Bryan In-Ring Return, Underutilized Talents, More!

A listener calls into the show and asks Ryback what would happen if you went into business for yourself in the ring, and won a match you were supposed to lose. Ryback says there’s a trust factor in professional wrestling and your reputation as a performer relies on your opponents being able to trust you. If you pull that kind of stunt once, your reputation will never recover.

Ryback and Buck discuss who they feel are the most underutilized talents on WWE’s current roster. Ryback says Rusev is a heel who generates great heat for the company and should always be protected to a degree. Unfortunately, he’s been the recipient of start-stop booking and hasn’t been used effectively for a while now.

He also says that Curtis Axel is someone who should be on television every week to some capacity. He adds that Axel is a genuinely good man who he has always had sympathy for because WWE seems to always have something against him. If WWE would let him use the Henning name they’d make so much money instantaneously, but for some reason they have never allowed that.

Cesaro, Ziggler and Luke Harper are three talents that he thinks should be used in a main event role more consistently. Like a lot of the guys on WWE’s roster, their pushed one day and beaten the next, and it’s hard to gain momentum like that.