The Taz Show Recap – New ROH Champion Christopher Daniels, Lesnar Squashes Owens, ROH to Lengthen Runtime? More!

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He believes that ROH is now a destination for elite younger performers, because they know everyone brings their A-game in ROH. This eliminates ‘average’ performers, because there’s no place on that roster for anyone who isn’t going to go all in every single night. He also says that given the 1-hour runtime, there’s no time for nonsense. They’re known for their bell to bell action, and that’s what they give their fans.

Daniels says that watching young performers succeed in ROH has inspired him to continue to work and find success in his own career. He believes that has allowed him to continue to improve and become ROH Champion at age 46, while regularly wrestling performers a decade younger than him.

He says that he couldn’t ask for a better opponent to help tell this story than Adam Cole. The fact that Cole can cut such a great heel promo – which emphasized Daniels’ multiple failures over the years – made Daniels’ eventual victory that much more spectacular.

Daniels informs that he believes ROH and Sinclair Broadcasting are working together to lengthen ROH’s runtime from 60 minutes to 90-120 minutes. That increase in runtime will allow ROH to dive deeper into certain storylines as well as involve new, younger talents who are having a hard time finding space to get on the shows as they are currently constituted.

That sums up today’s episode of The Taz Show. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya tomorrow for another Taz Show recap.

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