The Taz Show Recap – New ROH Champion Christopher Daniels, Lesnar Squashes Owens, ROH to Lengthen Runtime? More!

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Another listener calls into the show and says that he was dissapointed with WWE’s decision to have Brock Lesnar defeat former Universal Champion Kevin Owens in 3 minutes at MSG this past weekend. Taz says he doesn’t disagree with the caller’s opinion, but WWE is concerned with the masses, and what happens at a house show is often hidden to a large percentage of their fans.

He’s also sure that Lesnar’s victory drew a huge pop from the live crowd in New York that night, and that’s a large part of what WWE is trying to accomplish at house shows. He understands that times have changed and the internet allows these types of things to travel quickly, but he points out that this hasn’t changed WWE’s approach to house shows for the most part.

Taz believes that Brock Lesnar has a large say in how long he spends in the ring for each of his matches. Lesnar is a top talent who has earned the right to have that say and that doesn’t make him lazy, that makes him smart. Taz feels that match length is not everything when it comes to professional wrestling, and some guys are better served in short matches where less is more.

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