7 Biggest WWE Transformations

1. The Undertaker

The Undertaker is the combination of every attribute you could want from a wrestler. The character plays upon the horror of genre with a dark eccentricity, contributing to the luxury he is today, only ever involved in the build-up to WrestleMania. Mark Calaway is known to be Vince McMahon’s biggest ever asset. He was the top dog behind the curtain too, the head of ‘Wrestlers Court’ – a backstage improvisation of the modern justice system to settle any arguments between employees.

Yet, it was never so simple for the Deadman during the initial stages of his career. In 1989, he joined WCW as “Mean Mark Callous”, a dark Ozzy Osbourne and snake-loving character. His official WWF debut introduced him as “Kane the Undertaker”, at a taping of Superstars in 1990. This depicted him as an actual undertaker, with ripped black attire and a striking stetson hat. The gimmick also played upon the concept of immortality, and he never really sold the opposition moves to show his mysterious immunity to pain.

Calaway’s on-camera debut came at Survivor Series, the mystery member of Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar Team. The match formally recognized Calaway as ‘The Undertaker’, dropping the Kane title which was given to his fictional younger brother seven years later. This new villainous individual was managed by Paul Bearer. Bearer could control Undertaker with a golden urn, the key to strengthening him during a match, adding to the overall sense of mystery.

The new gimmick was a major unique selling point for the WWF, a colossal draw for fans and still is. The Undertaker is universally recognised as one of the greatest performers to ever grace a professional wrestling ring, still going after 25 years at the upper echelons of the WWE. It’s a strong testament not only to the dedication of Mark Calaway, but also to the the company for sticking by him and helping change a colorless ‘Mean Mark Callous” into one of the legends of the industry – ‘The Undertaker’.

As the wrestling world has expanded alongside modern technology, the demand for debate has increased significantly, with a long list of websites where fans can compare, post, and gather opinions with one another. This is what we love. We treasure the heated arguments and discussions with conflicting viewpoints on wrestling. This adds to the enjoyment of the sport. From this, fans can never seem to agree on anything. The Undertaker is an exception. He represents an anomaly in the wrestling world, a timeless object who’s legacy almost surpasses WWE’s itself.

It seems we can agree on one thing. The Undertaker is one of the all-time greats of professional wrestling.

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