The Taz Show Recap – Strowman Mishandled, Orton Acting Like A Heel, Hardys Appearing at Wrestlemania? More!

Block 3:

Taz mentions that WWE did a disservice to their new Champion on Smackdown the last couple of weeks. After Randy Orton burned down Wyatt’s compound last week, Wyatt had to get some real heat back on Orton this week but that didn’t happen. Instead, we were shown an on-screen debate between Shane and Bryan for some reason. There’s no denying that most fans feel bad for Wyatt right now, so does that make Orton the heel in this match?

Another listener calls into the show and asks Taz if he thinks there’s a connection between the fact that The Hardys’ contract with ROH reportedly ends on April 1st, and WrestleMania occurs on April 2nd. Taz thinks that could definitely be intentional, and he thinks it would be great if Matt and Jeff Hardy show up at WrestleMania.

Taz talks about the new Impact Wrestling, which debuts on PopTV tonight. He’s intrigued by the array of changes that Impact has made in the ring and behind the scenes, and he’s optimistic that the on-screen product will improve. He can’t promise that he’ll watch all of tonight’s broadcast and he says that PopTV’s quality is a major problem for him. In his opinion, HD is a must for television networks in 2017.

A listener calls into the show and says he would love to see a match between CM Punk and Taz. Taz says he never had the opportunity to wrestle Punk during his career, and that’s something that he would have loved to do because he loved Punk’s work. Taz wonders if we’ll hear from Punk anytime soon, because we haven’t really heard from him since his defeat at the hands of Mickey Gall at UFC 203.