The Hardy Boyz Returning at RAW After WrestleMania?


As previously reported, The Hardy Boyz signed a new deal with Ring of Honor and there was some speculation that they may have only signed a short deal.

This topic was discussed once again on Wrestling Observer Radio. Dave Meltzer said that the latest he heard was that Matt and Jeff Hardy were both headed to WWE. With their last advertised date being April 1st, it is very possible that the two could show up at WrestleMania or RAW after WrestleMania. With WrestleMania already being a stacked card, it’s more than likely they would appear at RAW if they were to return to the company.

Bryan Alvarez mentioned last week that he also heard from two different sources that the deal with ROH was a short one and it’s being speculated that they will return to WWE. This would explain Matt Hardy keeps teasing matches with WWE Superstars on social media and in recent interviews.

We will keep you updated…

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