Jim Cornette Experience Recap w/ John Arezzi Pt. 2 – Introducing Russo to Wrestling, Bruno Sammartino’s Popularity, Booking The Shiek, More!

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Arezzi says he loved The Shiek growing up because he was such a believable character. He talked to Kevin Sullivan about getting The Shiek in for a convention and Sullivan wasn’t sure if he’d be interested. Arezzi already had Sabu booked, and thought it would be great to have them both there. Luckily, when he spoke to The Shiek on the phone, he was more than happy to appear. It was amazing to see him there and he wishes he had video of that.

Cornette asks Arezzi to explain how over Sammartino was during the height of his career in New York. Arezzi says everyone knew Bruno, and he was ‘the man’. The live audiences were ‘explosive’ from the minute he came through the curtain until the time he exited the arena. The ovation was non-stop, and it was simply incredible.

Cornette says that even The Rock probably isn’t over in one particular place as much as Sammartino was in New York. Arezzi says that when Sammartino would start his comeback during a match, the ovation would be deafening.

Arezzi says that Sammartino was also probably the most powerful wrestler behind the scenes in the history of professional wrestling. He demanded a certain amount of money, and he consistently got it. Sammartino got over, and remained over throughout his entire illustrious career.

Before cluing up their interview, Arezzi proposes a live debate between him, Cornette and Vince Russo which would take place at WrestleCon 2018. Cornette doesn’t shoot down the idea, but points out that anything can happen in the next year with Trump as President.

That sums up today’s episode of the Jim Cornette Experience. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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