Jim Cornette Experience Recap w/ John Arezzi Pt. 2 – Introducing Russo to Wrestling, Bruno Sammartino’s Popularity, Booking The Shiek, More!

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Arezzi wanted nothing to do with WWE’s business, and made this known to Russo who blew up in his face. Russo said that Arezzi was poor, and would always be poor with that type of mentality. They ceased working together after this argument, and their relationship didn’t even last 90 days. Arezzi is well aware now that Russo used him in order to get into the wrestling business and calls him a “…lying, backstabbing motherfuc***”

He remembers being invited to a TNA taping years later when Russo was writing for the company. He saw Russo backstage and tapped him on the shoulder, and when Russo turned around and saw Arezzi his face turned as white as a ghost.

Arezzi says that his professional wrestling career didn’t go exactly as planned, and introducing the wrath of Vince Russo on the world is something he’s not very proud of. He says that maybe he was put on this Earth to be a connector, because plenty of wrestling talents got their start in the business through him, and he has since helped several musicians get records deals as well.

Cornette asks Arezzi about his experiences booking Bruno Sammartino, Lou Thesz and Buddy Rogers for his wrestling conventions. Arezzi says Rogers didn’t take many booking at that time, and it was a thrill to get him in for a convention. He was actually able to get a picture of Rogers and Sammartino together which he’s still thrilled about.

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