X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap w/ Bushwhacker Luke – Working with the Hart Family, WWE Career, What Inspired The Bushwhacker Characters? More!

Luke says that before they arrived in Calgary’s Stampede’s Wrestling, he had never heard of that promotion. He was a young kid from Australia, so he simply hadn’t heard of the Hart family and their iconic territory. He says that Stu Hart really liked him and Butch right from the start, and this allowed them to escape the vicious training sessions in Stu’s basement.

He recalls working with a very young Bret Hart. He says that Hart was very ‘green’ in the ring at that time given that it was his first year in the business, but he still knew so much about the industry and the psychology of the business. Because of this he could work with Bret fairly easily, but Bruce Hart on the other hand, was a different story because he never wanted to sell anything.

Eventually they went back to New Zealand but quickly grew tired of that, since they could only do the same wrestling circuit over and over again. They realized that they had to get back to North America because that’s where the action was in terms of professional wrestling at that time, so in the late-70’s they travelled to the United States.

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Luke informs that he was doing some booking for Jim Crockett’s NWA from 1980-86. When The Bushwhackers were ready to leave they gave Crockett 3-months notice, but they soon realized that you don’t give Crockett notice – he lets you know when you’re done working for him. Eventually Vince McMahon started raiding all the territories and they were lucky enough to receive a call from him as well.

He says that the timing was perfect for them to debut in WWE because The British Bulldogs had just finished up there and McMahon wanted an International team to replace them. He also informs that their gimmick was heavily influenced by the Crocodile Dundee films which were very popular during that time period.