The Taz Show Recap – NXT Analysis, Lesnar Interfering at Fastlane, Jack Swagger Heading to Impact? More!

Block 2:

Taz was very impressed by Patrick Clark on last night’s episode of NXT. He says that Clarke is a very unique character who looks like he’s chiseled out of stone. Taz met him at a signing one time and while he was a very nice guy to Taz, there’s something about Clark that is unlikeable and we saw some of that during his Tough Enough run.

While that might sound like a terrible thing to say about someone, those kind of personalities are often natural born heels. Taz hopes that Clark can keep his head straight backstage and stay away from personal conflicts, because if he does he has the potential to be a major money-making heel.

Taz thought Peyton Royce and Asuka had a great match last night for the NXT Women’s Title, however Taz has a major criticism about Asuka’s entrance. When Asuka entered the ring, she turned her back to the two heels in the ring in order to pander to the cameras and the live audience.

He understands that the business is a work, but there has to be some focus put back on protecting the heels and allowing heels to keep their heat. Taz also feels that someone on the announce team should have put some heat on Royce during this entrance or during the match. They needed to sell the fans that Royce had a legitimate chance to beat Asuka in this match, rather than just telling us how good Asuka is.