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Royal Rumble Quiz

January 12, 2012 by
Royal Rumble Quiz
random questions about the rumble...
1. Who holds the record for most eliminations in Rumble matches ?
2. Who won the second rumble match?
3. Who has the rec. of Lowest Time Spend in a Rumble and Win
4. true or false : 3 rumble matches have had diva entrant
5. who has made most appearances in rumble matches?
6. Which wrestler required most wrestlers to eliminate him from the match
7. Longest rumble match?
8. True or False : Rey Mysterio is the only man to win the rumble after entering at no.2 spot
9. In last year's rumble at which no did alberto del rio entered the rumble
10. Who Holds The Record For Most Eliminations in a Single Royal Rumble
11. At 2005 rumble who's spot did Kurt Angle stole
12. Longest Time Spent in a Single Royal Rumble
13. Longest time spent in a losing cause
14. At what spot did Edge entered and won the rumble in 2010
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