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Stephanie McMahon-Levesque: Behind The Scenes

September 16, 2013 by
Stephanie McMahon-Levesque: Behind The Scenes
The Wife of The Game
1. What is Stephanie's middle name?
2. What year was Stephanie born?
3. What day was Stephanie born?
4. Where was Stephanie born at?
5. How old was Stephanie when she first worked in WWF as a model for their t-shirts and merchandise?
6. What university did she go to?
7. What year did Stephanie graduate with a degree in Communications?
8. What year did Stephanie get breast implants?
9. What year did Stephanie and Triple H first get together as an actual couple?
10. On what special day did Stephanie and Triple H get engaged?
11. What was the date Stephanie and Triple H get married?
12. T or F: After Stephanie got married to Triple H, she legally changed her middle name to 'McMahon'?
13. Which NFL team is Stephanie a fan off?
14. T or F: Wrestling Observer awarded Stephanie three Worst Non-Wrestling Personality awards?
15. T or F: Stephanie defeated Lita for the WWF Women's championship for her one and only reign?
16. In 1999, which wrestler abducted Stephanie?
17. Which role has Stephanie never had in working with WWE?
18. Which wrestler did Stephanie team up with in her first match?
19. Whom did they face?
20. How many daughters has Stephanie and Triple H got?
Angela Arnold
Hundreds allllll day baby!
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