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Wrestlemania Diva Matches! 22 Questions

March 5, 2013 by
Wrestlemania Diva Matches! 22 Questions
1. At Wrestlemania I, whom did Wendi Richter wrestle?
2. At Wrestlemania II, Fabulous Moolah wrestled and defeated Velvet McIntyre, but in which arena?
3. T or F: Fabulous Moolah wrestled Sherri Martel at Wrestlemania III?
4. At Wrestlemania VI, Sherri Martel and Sapphire competed in an intergender tag match, whom was there tag partners?
5. At Wrestlemania X, whom did Alundra Blayze defend her Women's title against?
6. Sable and Marc Mero, at Wrestlemania XIV, wrestled TAFKA Goldust and....?
7. Before Wrestlemania XV, on Heat, there was a Diva's match, whom wrestled Jacqueline?
8. At Wrestlemania XV, whom did Sable wrestle?
9. At Wrestlemania 2000, The Kat and Terri Runnels had a match, what was there match?
10. At Wrestlemania X7, whom was Women champ Ivory's opponent?
11. At Wrestlemania X8, whom was not involved in the triple threat match for the Women's title?
12. At Wrestlemania 19, whom was not involved in the triple threat match for the Women's title?
13. T or F: Trish Stratus won both matches at 18 and 19?
14. At Wrestlemania XX, Sable & Torrie Wilson took on Stacy Keibler and Miss Jackie in what type of match?
15. Later that night, Victoria took on Molly Holly in a Hair vs. Hair match, who lost there hair?
16. At Wrestlemania 21, who did Trish Stratus defeat?
17. T or F: Wrestlemania 22 match between Trish Stratus and Mickie James was NOT for the WWE women's title?
18. T or F: Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson had a Pillow Lingerie match at the same event?
19. What type of match did Melina and Ashley Massaro have, at Wrestlemania 23?
20. At Wrestlemania 24, Maria Kanellis and Ashley wrestled Melina and whom in a Playboy BunnyMania Lumberjill match?
21. Which Diva did not return to compete at the Wrestlemania 25 battle royal?
22. How many times did the Women's championship change hands at a Wrestlemania?
Bobby Boucher
Haha. Rich, You mistakenly put a period after all the correct answers...
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