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Elimination Chamber Quiz

February 15, 2013 by
Elimination Chamber Quiz
20 Questions On The 16 Foot High, 36 feet of chain, 10 tonned Goliath known as the Elimination Chamber
1. Who Introduced The Elimination Chamber Match Concept To The WWE Universe In The Early 2000's
2. Which Year And PPV Did The Elimination Chamber Make It's Formal Debut?
3. Who has Won The Most Elimination Chamber Matches To Date, According To WWE History?
4. Who Has Won The Least Elimination Chamber Matches Out Of The Following Listed?
5. Who Of The Following Has Been Featured In The Most Elimination Chamber Matches?
6. How Many Times Has The World Heavyweight Championship Been Defended In The Chamber?
7. How Many Times Has The WWE Heavyweight Championship Been Defended In The Chamber?
8. Which Of The Following Names Were Included In The Very First Elimination Chamber?
9. Who Won That Very First Elimination Chamber Match?
10. In Which Year Did The WWE Introduce The Elimination Chamber As It's Own PPV?
11. Who Was Featured On The Very First Elimination Chamber Poster?
12. Which WWE Hall Of Famer Famously Came Through The Cage Floor To Attack Their WrestleMania Opponent That Year In The Chamber, 2010?
13. Which Of The Following Wrestlers Stole The 2011 Chamber Show By Executing A Drop Hanging From The Top Of The Cage And Squashing Sheamus?
14. Which Elimination Chamber Participant Comically Had His Hair Caught In The Cage While Standing On The Top Rope For A Diving Maneuver?
15. Who Made His WWE Return Following A Sidelining Injury From Alberto Del Rio To Attack Del Rio After Del Rio Went After Edge Following The 2011 Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match?
16. What Was Unique About The 2006 Solely Featured Elimination Chamber Match At December To Dismember?
17. Who Did Edge Famously Attack And Stole His Spot From Him On The Way To The Ring Of The 2010 Chamber Match?
18. Who Was The First Man Eliminated In The Very First Elimination Chamber Match At It's Original PPV?
19. What Weapon Did Ric Flair Aid Triple H With In His World Championship Defense To Defeat Goldberg At The 2003 Chamber?
20. Finally, How Many Elimination Chamber Matches Have Occurred As Of Friday February 15, 2013?
Bobby Boucher
I meant 2009 on question 17 but I'm too lazy to change it now. Smile
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