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Mick Foley WWE Quiz 20 Questions

February 15, 2013 by
Mick Foley WWE Quiz 20 Questions
1. What name did Mick Foley go under in his first WWF match in 1986?
2. Mick's first match, he teamed up with Les Thornton; who did they face?
3. In his first solo match in the WWF (1986), who did Foley face?
4. In 1987, Foley had another match, this time wrestling as "Nick Foley", who was his opponent that squashed him in less than 30 seconds?
5. Foley wouldn't work for the WWF again until 1996, when he donned the "Mankind" persona, who was Mankind's first televised opponent?
6. Mick's next persona he brought into the WWF was none other than "Dude Love" on the 218th episode of Raw (July 14, 1997); who was his tag team partner?
7. Whom did they face?
8. T or F: On that night Dude Love and his partner became WWF tag team champions?
9. On Raw #226 at Madison Square Garden, Cactus Jack debuted in the WWF, whom did he wrestle?
10. In which Royal Rumble did all 3 faces of Foley appear?
11. T or F: Mick Foley won the WWF tag team championship with all 3 gimmicks?
12. On an episode of Raw #258, which side of Foley wrestled Terry Funk in a No Holds Barred & Falls count anywhere Match?
13. Dude Love would have his final wrestling match in 1998 against Stone Cold Steve Austin at which PPV?
14. Foley would retire as a full time wrestler in 2000; as Mankind, he would have one more match on Raw #346 against DX, who was NOT one of his partners?
15. Mick Foley would then revert back to Cactus Jack to settle his feud with Triple H, what match did they have at Royal Rumble 2000?
16. At No Way Out, in the dreaded Hell in a Cell, Cactus Jack battled Triple H, was the WWF championship on the line?
17. Mick Foley would be reinstated by Linda McMahon to compete at that years Wrestlemania, which side of Foley did he bring?
18. Who was NOT in that fatal-4-way with Foley?
19. At Backlash 2004, Mick Foley brought back Cactus Jack to battle who?
20. Mick Foley's last WWE match was at which Royal Rumble?


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