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Brothers of Destruction Quiz

February 7, 2013 by
Brothers of Destruction Quiz
The Brothers of Destruction!
1. T or F: Undertaker has wrestled all of Glen Jacobs' gimmicks - Diesel, Isaac Yankeem & Kane?
2. In which promotion did Undertaker & Kane first wrestle against one another?
3. Who were the first tag team that the BOD wrestled against?
4. Kane was the fake Undertaker who wrestled The Undertaker at Summerslam in 1994?
5. Who was the BOD's last opponents on TV?
6. In what match hasn't Kane and Undertaker wrestled against one another in?
7. T or F: When The Undertaker first debuted in the WWE, he was called "Kane The Undertaker"?
8. Paul Bearer is the father of both Undertaker & Kane?
9. Which wrestler was originally picked to play the role of Kane?
10. T or F: Both Undertaker & Kane had wrestled Sting once in WCW and lost in respective matches?
11. Paul Bearer has never managed both Brothers of Destruction at the same time?
Bobby Boucher
Gah! Back in the lower bowl of percentages after a hot streak. Damn you Rich Wall. You and your masterful quizzes. Unhappy
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