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The Usos Quiz

January 17, 2013 by
The Usos Quiz
When I Say "Us", You Say "O" ...or maybe not
1. Jimmy And Jey Uso's Real Names Are What?
2. They Are The Twin Sons Of Which Former WWE Superstar?
3. While In FCW, They Payed Homage to Which Relative With Which Double Team Variant Of Their Famous Move?
4. They Made Their WWE Debut On RAW, Alongside Tamina, Attacking Which Former WWE Stable In 2010?
5. Although Used By Both, Who Primarily Performs The Superfly Splash?
6. Which Of The Brothers Has More Tattoos?
7. True Or False, In Their WWE Run, They Have Held Tag Team Gold?
8. The Superkick, Used By Both Jimmy And Jey Is More Commonly Referred To As A What?
9. Which Of The Following Was Never One Of The Usos' Tag Team Moves?
10. The Usos Are Blood Related To All But Which Commonly Refuted Family Members
11. Their Entrance Tribal Dance, The Siva Tau Is A Respected War Dance From Which Of The Following Nations?
12. Their Original Debut Theme Song Was A Tune Originally Heard As The Introduction On Which Of These Reality Shows?
13. Which Of These Lines Are Not Featured In Their Current Theme Song, So Close By David Dallas?
14. The Usos Were Featured In The Very First Episode Of WWE's Outside The Ring YouTube Series Doing What?
15. The Usos Got Their Singles Start When Jey Uso Challenged With WWE Superstar In Singles Action On An Episode Of RAW, 2010?
16. Which Of The Family Members Was Headlined In 2011, With A DUI Arrest Early In The Year?
17. Although Attributed To Rikishi, Who More Famously Used The Usos' Running Corner Wrecking Ball (Butt Splash)?
18. Lastly, The Name Uso, Comes From A Samoan Term Meaning What?


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