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The AJ Quiz !

December 2, 2012 by
The AJ Quiz !
How well do you know the WWE Diva ?
1. What former TNA star did AJ previously date ?
2. What place did AJ win in NXT Season 3 ?
3. Which WWE Superstar did AJ NOT appear in a relationship with on TV ?
4. How old is AJ ?
5. What is AJ's hometown ?
6. What ringname has AJ NEVER used ?
7. Who did AJ defeat to win the FCW Diva's Championship ?
8. Which former Nexus Member did AJ team with to win her first FCW Match ?
9. True or false....AJ was the first person to have held the FCW Diva's Championship and the Queen of FCW Crown .
10. In an unaired segment , which Diva turned their back on AJ ?


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