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Rich's WWE Quiz: Statistics!

November 30, 2012 by
Rich's WWE Quiz: Statistics!
As of 30/11/2012
1. Who has wrestled the most matches on WWE Raw with 426 matches?
2. Who has won the most matches in Raw history with 282 wins?
3. Who's had the most defeats in Raw history with 180 losses?
4. Who's wrestled the most matches in Smackdown history with 282 matches?
5. Who's had the most wins on Smackdown with 180?
6. Who's had the most defeats in Smackdown history with 126 losses?
7. Who's wrestled the most main events (last match on the card) on Smackdown 105 times?
8. Who has wrestled in the most main events in Raw history with 184 matches?
9. Which wrestler has appeared in the most WWE PPV matches of 162?
10. Who has main evented (last match on card) the most PPV's?


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