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TLC Quiz

November 22, 2012 by
TLC Quiz
In Honor of The December Tradition, Here Are Some Tables, Ladders And Chairs Questions.
1. Which Year Did The very First WWE TLC PPV Debut?
2. Who Introduced The Concept Of TLC To The WWE Audience?
3. Which Of These Teams Won The Very First TLC Match In WWE History?
4. Which Of These Teams Has Won The Most Of The TLC Encounters?
5. Which Of These Teams Have Never Competed In A TLC Match?
6. Who Main Evented The 2011 TLC Pay Per View?
7. Which Of The Following Combinations Took Home Titles At The 2011 TLC Pay-Per-View?
8. What Was The Main Event Of The Very First TLC Pay-Per-View?
9. Which Of These Titles Have Never Been Defended In A TLC Match?
10. Lastly, How Many TLC Matches Have Been Contested In WWE History?


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