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Kane Quiz

November 22, 2012 by
Kane Quiz
15 Questions on the current TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!
1. We've All Heard Of "Parts Unknown" But Where Is Kane's REAL Birth Place?
2. What Is Kane's Real Name?
3. At Which WWE PPV Did Kane Make His Debut?
4. Which Of The Following Characters Has Kane NOT Portrayed?
5. Throughout His WWE Career, Kane Has Used Many Finishers, Which Of These Has He NOT Used?
6. Which Of The Following Championships Has Kane NEVER Won?
7. How Many Times Has He Lost To The UnderTaker At WrestleMania?
8. How Did Kane Make His WWE Debut?
9. Who Of The Following Has NOT Managed Kane?
10. Which Of The Following Was NEVER A Nickname For Kane?
11. Which Of These Companies Has Kane NEVER Worked For?
12. Arguably One Of Their Worst Storylines, Which Of The Following WWE Storylines Was Kane Involved In?
13. Whom Of The Following Has Kane NOT Held Tag Team Gold With?
14. What Move Did He End The Match With To Win His First Championship?
15. Which Of The Following Things Is Kane Highly Involved In, In His Personal Life?


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