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True or False: Stone Cold Steve Austin

November 14, 2012 by
True or False: Stone Cold Steve Austin
How well do you know the beer drinking, ass kicking, hell raising, finger gesturing, foul mouthed swearing son of a bitch known simply as Stone Cold Steve Austin!
1. Stone Cold's birth name was Steven James Williams?
2. Stone Cold was born in Austin, Texas?
3. Stone Cold was trained by UK legend Chris Adams?
4. Dutch Mantel gave Steve, the "Steve Austin" name?
5. Stone Cold has been married twice?
6. Stone Cold's first WCW championship was the Television title?
7. Stone Cold defeated Ricky Steamboat for his first WCW championship?
8. Stone Cold was never managed by Paul Heyman?
9. Stone Cold's theme music in ECW was Jesus Christ Superstar?
10. Stone Cold won the TWF Tag Team titles with Brian Pillman in 1990?
11. Stone Cold is the only wrestler to win the Royal Rumble three times?
12. Stone Cold's first film that he ever was in, was The Condemned?
13. Stone Cold invented the Stone Cold Stunner?
14. Stone Cold's last match was against The Rock?
15. Stone Cold had legally changed his name to Steve Austin in 2007?


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