Adam wilkinson

Are You Ready For Ryder and Hawkins Part 2?

I have to start out by addressing a small but important matter. It wasn’t huge WWE news. In fact, if you blinked the other day you might have missed it. Tyler Reks was released from his contract this past week. He asked for his release because he missed his family. I don’t know about you, but you don’t hear too many stories about wrestlers doing this. I think it’s cool that he put the thoughts of his family first. Will we see him again? Who knows, maybe someday?

The wrestler who is now left standing alone in all of this is his former tag team partner, Curt Hawkins. With things really starting to heat up in the tag team division, should Curt seek the company of his old tag team partner Zack Ryder to jumpstart his career again?

If you remember about 4 years ago, Ryder and Hawkins used to back up a certain retired wrestler by the name of Edge. Riding on the coattails of Edge’s stardom, Zack and Curt saw some success during the summer of 2008. They became WWE tag team champions. Unfortunately, a few short months later, they lost it to Carlito and Primo.

Ryder has had some success within the last year. He has fought tooth and nail to gain a fan base that only some could ever dream of and eventually became United States Champion last year. He even has his own Youtube show on the WWE Youtube channel. Though Zack hasn’t had much success in anything lately, this reunion could be what the self-proclaimed WWE Internet Champion needs. Putting these two back together may be the only way to salvage Ryder and Hawkins’ struggling career. So, are you ready for a possible reunion of the Edgeheads? Or will these two fade off in to “Future Endeavored” land?