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Vickie Guerrero: the Most Dominant Female in the WWE

"Excuse me! I said, EXCUSE ME!!!!"

Many a Raw, SmackDown and pay-per-view have opened with this very phrase. There is no mistaking the shrieking voice, the cropped black hair, the "cougar" necklace. Vickie Guerrero has entered the arena, and from the minute she appears on the ramp, a chorus of boos cascades upon her before she can even begin her promo or introduction. She is able to elicit a response from the crowd in a way that no Diva in the past few years has been able to do. In one segment, she is in the ring with Dolph Ziggler and John Cena, and the crowd is booing her so vehemently that it is nearly impossible to hear her. It was so bad that Cena and even Ziggler seemed to momentarily break character and laugh at the amount of heat she was getting. During the "conspiracy" storyline, Vickie was in a segment with men like R-Truth and Christian, and was garnering a louder response than they were. She has succeeded to such an extent in making her character so irritating that the mere sight of her is enough to anger a crowd. She may not be much of an in-ring competitor, but her presence is impossible to ignore, and her love for power and success has made her arguably the most dominant Diva of the past few years.

WWE viewers saw Vickie only sporadically while her husband Eddie was alive, but it was after his death that her star really began to rise. She established herself from the very beginning as a controversial heel, inserting herself into matches to assist her allies. It was as the SmackDown General Manager, however, that we began to see how cunning Vickie really is. Even before it was revealed that Edge was her onscreen boyfriend, she had named him the number one contender for the World title, a title that she helped him win and defend on a regular basis due to her interference and position of power. She was an integral part of her stable, La Familia, and used her power to help Chavo Guerrero win the ECW championship, thus helping to establish La Familia's dominance. As the GM of SmackDown, Vickie expanded her resume by also serving as the interim manager of Raw, eventually becoming the Raw GM full-time after the dissolution of La Familia and her relationship with Edge.

Never one to settle for second best, Vickie's alliances with less prominent men like Eric Escobar and Jack Swagger fell to the wayside. Her long-standing alliance with the ambitious Dolph Ziggler, however, has been in place for nearly two years. She can usually be found at ringside during his matches, shrieking encouragement, distracting Ziggler's opponent, or drawing the attention of the referee away from the match. Whoever Vickie chooses to align herself with had better be a winner, or suffer her wrath. Getting on Vickie's bad side may be one of the worst decisions a Superstar can make. She has proven to be vindictive, firing Kelly Kelly, causing Mickie James to lose the Womens' championship, and banishing The Undertaker. She can also boast that she has been on the receiving end of a Tombstone, something few women can attest to. While she is not above helping her cohorts cheat during matches, she is also self-serving, as it was revealed that for part of her relationship with Edge, she was having an affair with the Big Show.

In an industry where success is based in part on the crowd's reaction, Vickie Guerrero has the WWE Universe wrapped around her finger. Fans love to hate her, and even a casual fan holds some sort of opinion about her. As a manager, she is relentless, and her allies know they can rely on her should they need something a little extra to win a match. No modern-day female manager has had quite the same impact. Not one to rely on her beauty or sexuality like many female managers before her, Vickie's actions are meticulously thought out beforehand to create the biggest impact. She doesn't always steal the spotlight away from her Superstars, but when she does, it hardly ever backfires. Vickie has maintained her power for so long, that Divas like AJ Lee or Eve will have to really commit themselves to dethroning her as the most dominant female in the WWE today.

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