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What next for Captain Charisma?

After what can only be described as an average Intercontinental Title run, you would expect WWE to have something bigger in store for a guy like Christian.

He was totally misused as Intercontinental Champion. From the outside looking in, it struck me as a blatant “We have no clue what to do with this belt” once they took it off Cody Rhodes. One imagines that Christian was the first person to walk passed the Creative office and they said “I know, we’ll give it to him!” Then what?

Did they put him in big matches that really made the title look as important as it should be? No. Did they give him opponents who are still near the top of the tree but would still like to hold the IC title because of its history? No.
Instead, they needed a 6th person for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and decided to pick Christian and the other singles title holder Santino.

Wrestlemania to me has always been a much larger version of Night of Champions. Every title should have been on the line at Wrestlemania, in my opinion. Granted, the fact that his title wasn’t defended was not Christian’s fault. But I cannot see a former Champion like Warrior or HBK rolling over and accepting being in a match where they don’t even go over.

From Mania, they should have put the Intercontinental Champion back on the map. It was the perfect opportunity to put Christian’s career back on track. Like many other Superstars before him, Christian is a much better heel. His heel run against Orton struck me as the reason why he came back to WWE after a run at the top of TNA. Granted, WWE dropped the ball by making him lose his title to Orton during the same week, but it was a great time in WWE for Christian.
But what has he done since then? Injury has plagued his recent years, but since his feud with Orton, he’s not had a sniff of World Heavyweight Title chances.

I think Christian needs another big push now before it’s too late. Let’s face it, he has been around for what feels like forever, and his body isn’t healing as quickly and injuries are piling up now, so he won’t be entertaining us peeps much longer, so why not give him as he used to say “One more shot” at the big one?

Preferably, it would be a heel run. It looks like they’ll finally be pushing Orton’s needed heel turn soon, so why not Christian too? He’s not been on Smackdown for a while, or RAW, (as people keep showing up on both lately), so why can’t they turn him heel and attack Sheamus? Having Sheamus defend his title in triple threat scenarios seems to be the norm at the moment, and I believe us fans can stomach another triple threat match featuring Sheamus, whether Sheamus wins or not.

Captain Charisma has enough experience to pull off any type of heel character, be it the sly attack while no one is looking, or the in your face regardless how big you are approach, he can do it, so WWE should capitalise on this, because even though we have blogged about this before, WWE still needs big heel characters. Christian has previous as being a main event heel, so WWE should go for it.

I seem to be approaching this blog as a “it’s now or never” situation for Christian, which it isn’t. He still has plenty of time left in WWE, of course he does. I just feel it would be time wasted if he is spent being a jobber for mid card workers, or even the next opponent for new US Champ Cesaro.

My thought it put Christian back into World Heavyweight Title picture vs Sheamus. Worst case scenario would be that he doesn’t win and he does hover around the IC title picture.

They won’t know if they don’t give him the chance…

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