Adam wilkinson

Will Aces & 8's Pay Off for TNA?

This Thursday's edition of Tna Impact will be either be the start of something special or leave TNA continuing down an ever growing slippery slop. TNA has bet all of its chips on one hand, the dead man's hand.

TNA has talent, they have star power with names like Hogan, Jeff Hardy and for now Kurt Angle. TNA presents a show that is not geared for a pg crowd as its counterparts WWE. The show has a little more of an edge to it and at times the bite is bigger than the bark. For weeks the Aces and Eights have been the talk of many wrestling websites, all trying to come up with who is in the group and whom is behind the group. This has garnered TNA some well needed attention and sparked some intrigue into TNA. TNA is banking that the Aces and Eights concept will transfer into ratings and bolster their product.

This Thursday's Impact will see the TNA superstars squaring off against the Aces and Eights in what many hope will reveal the identities of some if not all of the masked group. Will we even know any of these men, will they be ex WWE wrestlers or will some be current member's of the TNA roster? The ever growing guessing games has benefited TNA a great deal, but once the identities are known will the same interest be in this group or will the intrigue and luster fade away?

TNA is rolling the dice with this group but I am glad that they have come up with this concept. I for one am a big fan of TNA, and have overly enjoyed the Aces and Eights. However what worries me is that once the identities are known of the group how will TNA use the group going forward? Will we be let down by who is in the group and by who is behind all of this? I would really love to see TNA try a WCW concept type of pay per view. Maybe something like War Games, I know that they are not able to call it War Games, because of copy wright issues. Something like that would be pretty awesome!

This Thursday night will be something to watch, this could very well show us a glimpse into the future of TNA! Tune in to find out!!!

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