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Could TNA Use More Championship Titles?

Time for another blog that focuses more on TNA than it does WWE. What can I say? I just happen to right now prefer to watch TNA than I do WWE. My best friend who got me started as a wrestling fan back when I was just 5 or 6 years old is the total opposite. He prefers WWE over TNA. We both like to watch RoH. Though I haven't paying as much attention to it as I should be. Nonetheless, I am trying to get myself back into watching WWE, and if I do then I will definitely do my best and write more blogs about WWE. Some of my upcoming blog ideas have to do with both organizations than just the one. This one really has a comparison effect to it between the two. Nonetheless here we go.

Researching the rosters and the champions for both TNA and WWE, it does appear that WWE has an advantage over TNA when it comes to the number of champions. Actually, in all honesty, they also have more on their roster than TNA does as well. But that is no doubt due to the fact that they, WWE that is, has a much bigger budget to work with in order to be able to hire more and newer talent versus TNA. Not only that, but WWE has enough wrestlers on their roster to be able to split them up into two different brands...Raw and Smackdown. Back when they purchased and took over ECW, they had enough to run three brands. But then McMahon had to go and totally dilute the ECW product from it's origins, thus allowing for it to go down the drain. I honestly believe he did that on purpose, but we can discuss conspiracy theories another day.

Just looking at the roster for TNA on their official website,, there are 57 people on that roster. The champions are shown up at the top as well as in the roster itself. Of those 57 listed and pictured, 12 of them are not actively wrestling. Well Sting had come back to wrestle full time but then had to go back to part time while Hogan recuperated from the attack by Aces and Eights. Anyways, so that leaves 45 left as active wrestlers. Of those 45, there are 10 female wrestlers or Knockouts. In the knockout division, there is one singles championship and a tag team championship. Honestly, until TNA adds more female wrestlers to the Knockout division, there is no need for another title in that division. And to be even more honest, unless they plan on using Eric Young and ODB more and pushing them to defend their titles more on television or even at live house shows, I don't see the use for even having the Knockout tag titles at all. WWE has a Divas championship but no tag team diva champions and has 13 active wrestlers on the roster in that division. Would it be useful to have a tag team championship in the WWE Divas division? I don't know, cause to me they look more like eye candy model types than they do actual skilled female wrestlers. Beth Phoenix is about the only one who actually has the look like she is a skilled wrestler. Again I don't watch much of WWE as of now to really say that they do need a tag team title for the women.

So, now we are down to 35 remaining active male wrestlers on the roster for TNA. 34 if you don't count Eric Young who is currently half of the Knockouts tag team with his "wife" ODB and hasn't been used in the ring as a wrestler in the men's side for quite a while. Which is sad to say because while he can be very entertaining to an extent, he is actually a very accomplished X-division wrestler. According to his profile on the TNA website, he is a former X-division champ, tag team champ, and television champion.

Nonetheless, without Eric Young, that leaves 34 active male wrestlers on the TNA roster. Of those 34, there are 4 that hold championship titles. There are 5, sorry. There are 4 titles you can hold. The x-division, currently held by Zema Ion. The tag team titles, currently held by Daniels and Kazarian. The television championship, currently held by Devon. And then you have the heavyweight championship, held by Austin Aries. Counting the male wrestlers on the current roster for WWE and not counting the champions twice and not counting the ring announcers or broadcast team, the gm's, or anyone else who is NOT an active wrestler, there are 57 total. If I am wrong on that number, please correct me. Of those 57, there are 6 wrestlers who hold titles but only 5 titles to be held. I count the tag team championship as one entity, though there are two belts to the championship. I honestly thought there was more than that. I know they used to have the hardcore title at one time and the European title as well.

The only two differences between the championships between WWE and TA is that WWE has two heavyweight champions, the WWE champion who is the RAW representative and then there is the Heavyweight champion who usually represents Smackdown. WWE also has a United States champion as well. So on the TNA side you have 5 men holding 4 different championships and 29 more without. On the WWE side, 6 wrestlers holding 5 different championships and 51 remaining without. So not only could TNA use at least one more championship to at least improve competition among the rest of those who don't hold a title, but it also looks as if maybe WWE could stand to add one or two more to their titles in order to do the same. But let's focus on TNA for now, and I might come back with another blog to talk about what to add to WWE to start increasing the competition for them as well.

The title that could and really should be added to TNA that I believe could definitely add some more actual wrestling competition to not just Impact but also the live house show events, would be something that has just as much weight and importance as the Television title does. It would definitely have more importance than the X-division, not to take away from the X-division at all. It would definitely be a title for an X-division star to desire to attain once they have held that division championship for a while. So it definitely wouldn't be a cruiserweight like WCW has cause that would really be about the same thing. TNA definitely does not need a hardcore champion. That was more or less a useless title. The Intercontinental title I think is trademarked, if I am not mistaken, by WWE so they couldn't use that. And the Television title has about the same importance and rank as does the IC title. So that really only leaves one title remaining. And that is a United States Championship. I am not exactly sure if WWE holds the trademark rights to the name of that title, but if they don't then TNA could definitely use that 4th singles title and 5th overall championship to add for the rest of the roster to compete for. If they could add an extra belt to compete for, not only would that add more matches to Impact as well as live shows, but it would also allow more wrestlers to be used by the bookers and writers to create new storylines for.

It wasn't too long ago when Mick Foley was being used as the Network Executive in TNA, that they began cutting video promos for the concept of Wrestling Matters. It wasn't just about pushing the storylines anymore through different in-ring, non-wrestling segments or even backstage segments. It was being pushed as there was going to be more wrestling matches to help sell a storyline than there was going to be drama. Thus they changed the name from TNA Impact to Impact Wrestling. But it seems that they have dropped the ball on that and have gone to less wrestling and more drama again. Maybe with the addition of a new title to contend for, wrestling will matter again to these guys and those in the company, and TNA will be making new waves in the professional wrestling business. I would sure like to see them as the competition that WWE needs in order to push them to their limit of the quality of their product. A product that has become stale over the last decade since becoming a monopoly of sorts in the sports-entertainment industry, after buying out WCW and ECW.

As always I invite comments and criticisms, constructive of course, and any of your own suggestions as to what title TNA needs. Or if you believe they are fine with what they have then I would like to hear your reasons why.

God bless and take care,

Adam T. Brown

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