Adam wilkinson

Antonio Cesaro: Marked For Greatness

By now, I am sure many have heard of the impressive, multi-lingual, Swiss sensation that is Antonio Cesaro. Formerly half of the Ring of Honor tag team, The Kings of Wrestling, he made his television debut on Smackdown in late April as a "friend" of Aksana's. Cesaro quickly let the WWE Universe know that he was not to be taken lightly by quickly making short work of his opponent with an impressive display of offense and an innovative finishing maneuver. Since then, Cesaro has only managed to further his reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the WWE, as he is still undefeated between the ropes. In perhaps his greatest feat to date, Cesaro was able to put an end to the United States title reign of Santino Marella and achieve what is to be the first of many milestones to come along his illuminated path. It is clear that Cesaro has all the tools necessary to become a major player in the WWE, and here are the reasons why.

For one, Antonio Cesaro has the look of a champion. His body looks to be chiseled of stone and standing at 6'5" and weighing in at roughly 230 lbs, there aren't many opponents that outsize him. This lends to the power game of Antonio Cesaro, which makes his offense incredibly believeable. Not to mention that his movements are very agile and crisp for someone his size. This means that Cesaro can go against the Rey Mysterios of the world, as well as the Brodus Clays, making him a very versatile adversary.

The second reason would be his arrogant, Anti-American demeanor. It was a great move by the WWE to give him the United States championship, since he could care less about the states. Perhaps one of the simplest ingredients in a recipe for a top heel is to be an arrogant foreigner with a disdain for Americans. It worked for such notorious figures as the Iron Sheik and Muhammed Hassan, and it has been working for Cesaro well. Not only is he Anti-American in his approach, but he also boasts and revels in the fact that he can speak five different languages, much to the crowd's disdain. With this part of his character alone, he is able to draw heat from the crowd. While Cesaro has yet to show off his true mic skills in a lengthy promo, one can definitely believe he knows how to get under the crowd's skin, which is a great tool for a heel. The only thing more annoying than a guy who brags about being better than you is a guy who can do it in 5 different languages.

The third and final reason would be his valet and girlfriend, Aksana. From the start, Aksana made Antonio hated when she betrayed Teddy Long to be with him. Aksana compliments the Cesaro character perfectly. Not only does she serve the purpose of eye candy to make the men in the crowd jealous, she also can and hopefully will play a pivotal part in distracting Cesaro's opponents, much like this past Sunday at the Summerslam pre-show. Much like every great heel in history, whether it be HHH with Stephanie or recently Dolph with Vickie, Aksana is just one more piece to that puzzle that makes the Cesaro character a great one.

So looking back at reasons that Cesaro has all the tools to be a success in the WWE, it is no wonder he is so cocky. He has the physique and ring skill to adapt and overcome any opponent. He has the cockiness, foreign appeal and natural verbal skills to work the crowd, and he has the perfect manager in Aksana. One thing that people may be overlooking is that with all those things going for him, there is still one thing to consider that is even more impressive: he has only just begun to tap into his potential.