Adam wilkinson

Where Has Kane Gone?

This past Sunday's SummerSlam match between Kane and Daniel Bryan had me scratching my head. Kane who has long been one of my favorites since he came onto the scene in the late 1990's, was wrestling Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan in my opinion is nothing more than a mid-card wrestler, however Kane in my opinion is a main eventer! So why is Kane fighting mid-card talent?

Kane has all the attributes that it takes to be on a big stage and his character is well established with the fans. He has been World Champion twice, tag team champions on more than on ocassion, Intercontionental champ, and Ecw Champ. So why is Kane not being pushed more?

On Raw 1,000, I thought he was about to get that push, when the big red machine was about to be attacked by several wrestlers. However his brother The Undertaker returned and The Brothers of Destruction cleared the ring out. The crowd went crazy! Unfortunately the next month on Raw, the general manager AJ Lee announced that Kane would be in a match against Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam. Thus referting Kane back to mid-card once again. To make matters worse Bryan defeated Kane at SummerSlam.

Kane should be in the upper echelon of the WWE, and for some reason the WWE thinks other wise. Where has Kane gone? Can anyone answer that question?