Adam wilkinson

The Rock: The Most Overrated Man In Sports Entertainment Today

OK it’s been a little while since I written anything for this fine site and I’ve been thinking of what to write about for my first blog back. Summerslam predictions, Aces and Eights, Brock Lesner’s impact on the WWE.
All worthy topics of discussion but there has been something that has been bothering me for quite some time and I feel now is the right time to say it.

Quite frankly I have found myself irritated and bored by the reaction and fuss that the Rock has received since ‘returning’ to the WWE especially since he is one of the most overrated performers of all time.

Big statement I know, but let me explain what I mean.

Firstly I must start by saying I’ve not always disliked the Rock, I can’t deny his instrumental involvement during the Attitude Era and his matches with HHH, Steve Austen and Mick Foley were some of the most entertaining in wrestling history.

But the Rock was never the in-ring performer that the fans seemingly perceive him to be or to have once been.
He possess possibly the worst looking punches in wrestling and oversold a little too much for my liking. Every time Austin hit the Stunner, Rocky would do that silly back flip which although compelling the first time round, grew very dull by the hundredth.
And while I’m at it, I have never understood why the crowds get so excited for the People’s Elbow? Its quite possibly the worst finishing move in wrestling simply because it’s a simple elbow drop THAT EVERYBODY DOES!

Then on the other hand you have John Cena who is berated for his “lack of in-ring ability” when in hindsight he’s moveset is no worse than most of the top superstars to pass trough the WWE.
Look back and you’ll see Austin only had a handful of real offensive moves, as did HHH as did Bret Hart as did The Rock. So what’s wrong with the “Five Moves of Doom”? Puzzling to say the least.

As much as I could go on bashing the Rock for his in-ring inabilities, I have found his promo work to be even more overrated.
For someone who has been labeled the greatest promo guy ever, I can’t help cringe any time he opens his mouth.
Why do I hate the Rock’s promos? I simply find him overly repetitive and self indulgent to the point where it becomes boring and he takes all the excitement out of the angle.

His constant referral to himself in the third person makes him sound arrogant and needy. Whenever I hear him say “The Rock says …” or “The Rock is blah blah blah” all I hear is “Me, me, me, look at me!”
It’s a poor crutch to have for the supposed best talker in the business.

Worse still is his dependency on silly rhymes and childish insults to get him through a segment. I’m not taking a shot at his catchphrases, every wrestler has one, but if you listen closely you’ll realize that the Rock never really has anything to say on any matter other than maybe when a match will take place.

Superstars like Austin, Foley and more recently John Cena and CM Punk have the ability to take you on a rollercoaster of emotions with their promos whereas the Rock is more concerned with plugging his terrible movies and getting something trending on Twitter.

The feud with Cena is a prime example of the Rock’s lack of promo skills when the two most ‘charismatic’ wrestlers where supposed to build the biggest match in history.

Cena pulled out unquestionably the best promos of his career when hyping their Wrestlemania encounter whilst the Rock floundered and commented on Cena’s choice of in-ring colours.
Fruity Pebbles… wow you really showed him Rock, way to build a main event by calling your opponent cereal. How intimidating, how original, how remarkable from the so-called People’s Champion.

Peoples Champion? He wasn’t even in the same building on most occasions, which was very disheartening, and a little insulting for those who had invested their time into the feud.

“The Rock will respond to John Cena tonight!” was a fortnightly phrase on RAW.
“Oh but it will be via satellite because the Rock’s busy yadda yadda yadd…”

Admittedly, the match itself wasn’t terrible but the outcome didn’t really matter as Cena had already proven himself the better performer having blown the Rock away every single week leading into it.

Now with the Rock’s place confirmed for the Rumble (and possibly Wrestlemania) can we expect anything more than the same repetitive self obsessed promos and non-appearances leading into the WWE’s two major PPV’s?
Probably not.
But I’ll still be watching (and complaining) so more the fool me.

I realize many of the things I have said throughout this blog will gain some negative feedback but it is something I truly feel and not something I have written just to annoy readers. As always your responses are appreciated.