Adam wilkinson

Why Shawn Michaels will be at SummerSlam

Although the WWe has said that Shawn Michaels will not be appearing at SummerSlam, I am not buying that for a second. All the hype that has been put into this storyline can not end with out a big payoff. It only makes sense that the Heart Break Kid will show up at SummerSlam, he has to!

On This past Monday's raw Michaels was adamant that Triple H would have to defeat Lesnar on his own. Then Michaels was attcked by Lesnar, and subsequently Lesnar carried him to the ring and broke his arm. This all despite attempts by Triple H to save his long time friend. Lesnar had promised that he would see Michaels before SummerSlam, and the promise was fullfilled in one fateful night that could set up for one of the biggest moments in WWE history.

The WWE has brought more intrigue into this matchup by having everyone guessing who will be in Triple H's corner, now that Michaels is reportedly not going to be there due to his broken arm. Maybe the question we should be asking is not who will be take HBK'S place , but how does the WWE gain from all of this mystery. Everyone thinks that Michaels will not be there so who better to show up than Michaels. The surprise element would still be there because nobody expected Michaels to show up. Maybe he will show up at a critical point in the match or maybe from the beginning. However all logic points to the Heart Break Kid being at SummerSlam.

The bigger surprise will not come from Michaels appearance but what he does at SummerSlam. The WWE will not be only looking to set up a big push for Lesnar but it will also be trying to setup something down the road for HBK and Triple H. The reason this match is so important is due to the fact that Triple H will be betrayed by his friend HBK, and with Lesnar winning as a direct result, the WWE has set up a feud between Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Yes that is right, Shawn Michaels will betray Triple H at SummerSlam and in the process begin a long drama filled storyline that is sure to lead right to Wrestlemania!