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Matches That Never Happened: Match #1

This is a new blog that I will be doing once or twice a week depending on what you guys think. I will be taking a look at matches I would have loved to see happen, but didn't for whatever reason (different era, death, injuries) between two wrestlers IN THEIR PRIME. I can't stress that enough. It wouldn't be any fun to see a younger wrestler and an older wrestler in a match. So when it comes to comments please remember that the two wrestlers would be in their prime if they did have a match.

Match #1

When I think about matches that never happened between two superstars, the first match that pops in my head is Shawn Michaels vs The Rock. Amazingly while these two great performers both wrestled during the same time, they never had a match against one another. Part of that has to do with Michaels retiring due to a back injury and another reason had to do with backstage politics. I would have loved to seen Rock and Michaels in a trilogy at Wrestlemania much like we did with Rock and Austin. The promos between these two would have been amazing and all of their matches would have been match of the year candidates if not winners. On one hand you have the showstopper, Shawn Michaels who is arguably one of if not the greatest in ring performer of all time who always seemed to take it to another level at Wrestlemania which is outstanding because most of his matches were off the charts, but the ability to still take it to another level is something I don't think we'll ever see again. On the other hand we have the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, The Rock. Without a doubt one of the best talkers on the mic who could also back it up in the ring by delivering a 5 star match with the right opponent.

A match or series of matches between two of the greatest superstars in WWE history could have without a doubt earned feud of the year every year if possible. Unfortunately for us, injuries and egos had a huge part in preventing us from ever seeing this match happen. Could it still happen as a one time thing? Of course, but it wouldn't be nearly as great now as it would have been back in 1998 and 1999. That's it for the first match of many in this blog series. Feel free to leave comments on whether I should do this more than once a week and what you think of this match and who would win etc.

Thanks for reading everyone.

Stay blessed,
Dee Thomas

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