Adam wilkinson

The Misuse of Rob Terry by TNA

Rob Terry has been with TNA since 2009, he started out as a member of the British invasion. He was awarded the Feast or Fired breif case due to an injury to Hernandez caused by the group. Terry had a chance to demand a shot a the World Championship but nothing ever came to fruition with his title shot. This would of been awesome to see Terry challenge for the world belt, it would of improved his stock and raised the talent that TNA had at that point in time.

Terry became the TNA Global Champion by defeating Eric Young January 2010. This would later be transformed into the TNA Televison Championship. Terry reigned as champion for 167 days before losing the title to A.J.Style's.

Terry has always been linked to some sort of factions throughout his time in TNA. British Invasion, World Elite, Immortal and now he his the body guard for Robbie E., whose character is mirrored off the television show Jersey shore. Terry was also a body Guard for Immortal.

Every time I see Terry come out in that pink shirt with Robbie E. I cringe with disbelief. TNA should be using him in so many other capacities, this guy should be wrestling for a belt or on a tag team, anything but what his role is now.
I can understand why you would want this guy as a body guard, however he has much more potential than that! Terry should be competing in the Bound for Glory series instead of being on the sidelines.