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Whats in Store for Brock Lesnar After SummerSlam?

Is it me or has the hype of Brock Lesnars return slowly fizzled out? I was very excited and couldnt wait to see what WWE had in store for the WWE universe with Brocks return of carnage. But since his return and lack of TV time as well as limited appearances I feel its only hurting Brock and his future with the WWE.

His return was nothing but epic. The crowd was electric. There was a riotous buzz in the air as he made his walk down the ramp and circled the ring to confront John Cena. Then came the F-5 heard around the world. If you read his lips he states,"I'm back." Back he was. The following week Brock and Cena had an all out brawl in the ring where WWE Superstars had to come out and break them out. Awesome!! Entertaining!!

Then it was time for Extreme Rules. Again with the riotous buzz in the air. An electric crowd. Why? Because no one knew what to expect. And we got just that. Blood! Can you believe it? Yes John Cena bled. Did that make the match? Heres my opinion and I know Im going to get heat for it but yes it did. Why did it make the match? When is the last time a WWE Superstar bled? As soon as John Cenas face was covered in crimson, the crowd hushed and for the first time the audience was actually nervous for John Cena. I know I was. Every move, every gesture, the audience was hanging on to. What other superstar brings that kind of energy into a match right now but Brock Lesnar. Then Brock lost the match.

So they bring Brock in. Hype him up to be this scary ass kicking machine that everyone must fear but yet loses his first match back. Then shortly after that they take him off televison. I figured they would have him return and build his character back up to be a monster again after his loss to Cena. But when your not on television its hard to do that. Although they tried hyping him up using HHH and bringing in Paul Heyman, but without the star actually there, its not very creditable.

Which brings me to SummerSlam. I have a feeling its going to be very similar to the Lesnar/Cena match. He's facing HHH which he usually delivers and I feel with an opponent like Brock, its going to bring out the best in him. But my question is what happens if they make Brock lose to HHH? What happens to Brock Lesnar then? With the amount of appearances he has left, are they going to make him disappear again until Survivor Series? When he returns, will anyone really care anymore? With that said, isnt that a waste of the rest of his contract? Your money maker, the guy you bring in to boost ratings is not an attraction anymore. He loses his fights against every main star in the company.

If Brock wins, The Next Big Thing can make a comeback, destroy all WWE Superstars for the remainder of the year and have an epic one on one match with, at that point, whoever! Hes indestructible. He cant be beaten. I mean, The Rock, a John Cena rematch, if he still has one more in him , The Undertaker. What hype would that be? Brock Lesnar, undefeated throughout 2012 and 2013 leading into Wrestlemania, destroying everyone they put in front of him, even the COO of the company, with an epic beat the streak match against the Phenom. Or even The Rock. These two men have evolved in their careers so much since their epic SummerSlam match in 2002. The biggest rematch ever!! If what is being said is true, Rock will have the WWE title and they could have one of the most memorable matches of all time at next years 'Mania. A win for HHH does nothing for his career. Hes the COO of the company so if he loses he disappears into the offices and down the road when his music hits again, the Universe would have forgotten all about it and he will be cheered. If Brock loses, that only hurts his future appearaces and the WWE Universe cannot be afraid or take someone serious that continues to lose. Although both men have a limited appearance contract to compete, WWE needs to get as much out of Brock as possible. They do not however need to do that with HHH.

So as SummerSlam approaches us this weekend, Im really looking forward to see what the WWE has in store for the future of Brock Lesnar. Either way, it looks like its going to be an entertaining show. This match I feel will be epic and has main event written all over it. As always, I welcome the comments, good or bad. Let me know what you think.

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