Adam wilkinson

Are HBK and Heyman Saving This Storyline?

Firstly, I'll start by saying that this blog is being written by a non Lesnar fan. That might shock or offend people, people may even agree, but I have just never understood the hype with Brock Lesnar.

His F5 finisher is and was a devastating finisher, I was a big fan of that, just not him. Certainly didn't hate the guy, I understood why they pushed him and why he had the belt, I just never rated him.

Which is why I was slightly disappointed when he returned after Wrestlemania. To me it didn't feel right bringing him back. They nailed the timing right, straight after Mania, but I personally don't think it should have been him. WWE was hinting at moving into a new era, similar to Attitude, but now they are firmly back in the PG rating and that doesn't suit a character like Lesnar.

Also, when you bring someone back, surely it would be better to delay his return match to a bigger PPV than Extreme Rules. I know that was the next PPV after Wrestlemania, but a PPV mainstay like Summerslam or even bringing back King of the Ring would have been better.

I won't go into the point about he shouldn't have done the job for Super Cena, we all know Brock should have won, regardless of whether I'm a member of team Lesnar or not.

Now they have him in a (dare I say) pointess feud with Triple H. I say pointless, as there is nowhere either of them can go after this match. Say HHH wins, what then? Still be COO who only competes 2 or 3 times a year? No change there then. Lesnar will stay being a guy who is used in feuds sporadically against random guys?

Lesnar needs to be the one to win this match. At least he MIGHT be able to go on to face someone else at the top of the chain like Punk or Orton. Maybe they can even put him against Ryback, build Ryback into a big guy instead of a low card crusher...

Anyway, that all being said, there are only 2 things which are making this feud slightly more intersting - HBK and Paul Heyman.

I'll start with Heyman. Say what you like about the guy. Like him or hate him, and I'm sure a lot of fans do hate him, but he is the ultimate heel manager. In my opinion, the best heel manager in recent times. He can reach levels of heat that other managers can only dream of. Lord knows AW tried and ballsed that up, whoops. A lot of heels these days, managers or superstars, are still respected above all else. Fans still think that they are great at their job and in the likes of Ziggler or Punk currently, they still get cheered even when they are meant to be booed. Paul Heyman does not have that problem. He is booed wherever he goes. I'm sure that guy would even be booed in his own back garden if RAW was broadcast from there! That's because he is that good at it. Try as you might to comment saying "No he just plain sucks" that is not the case. He is just that good at acting like he sucks. He has been in this business far too long to not know the difference, and I for one am a big fan of his.

Just the nickname HBK speaks for itself. That man can get over anywhere. I have not in my years of being a wrestling fan seen someone as forever popular as HBK. That new t-shirt he's been wearing with Mr Hall of Fame on it is just true, no question. If they did a poll of who the most popular HOF'er is, my money is on Mr Wrestlemania, safe bet. Who else would have been forgiven by Montreal after 1997?? Not many...

Those two unique individuals are making this storyline interesting, and WWE creative know this, hence why they brought them in. Now, HHH does not need HBK's help to get over. He got over like nearly 20 years ago. Does he need HBK in his corner at Summerslam though? Yes, but only because the storyline is weak. If he was to feud with Super Cena then HBK wouldn't need to be there.

Same with Heyman. When Brock first returned vs. Cena, Heyman was nowhere to be seen. Not needed. However someone in Creative must have known that the storyline would need an extra kick, which is why they'll both be there. This is also the reason why they had Lesnar attack HBK on RAW, because if Lesnar beat up HHH on RAW, then the Summerslam match would be deemed pointless, as the fight would have already been won.

I hope I'm wrong though. I do sincerely hope the match at Summerslam is amazing even without HBK and Heyman at ringside. As stated earlier though, in my opinion Brock Lesnar should be the one who wins, or else his return would all be for nothing. Also, they would need to have a match that lasts longer than 5 minutes. This needs to be a classic match full of finishers, reversals, near falls, etc. Make it look like they're both desperate to win. If they have it won by using one finisher in first 10 minutes then the whole thing would just fall flat. We'll all just have to wait and see.