Adam wilkinson

Who Should Wade Barrett Feud With Upon His Return?

With Wade Barrett coming back from injury very soon, it got me thinking about whom he should feud with first, to end 2012, and begin 2013. Perhaps WWE will have him continue the Barrett Barrage by attacking various superstars, however there are 5 superstars I would like to see him feud with upon his return.

5) Rey Mysterio. This feud would be a first for Barrett as he has never worked with Mysterio. The promo aspect of it wouldn't be as good because it would be Barrett cutting most of the promos, but they could put on some great matches. This feud could be exciting and a good way to work him back into the mix while doing it against a quality opponent.

4) Christian. Another guy that Barrett has never worked with. We know Christian can hold his own on the mic and in the ring. As we have seen over time Christian can be in a great feud with the right opponent (Orton, Rhodes, Del Rio) and I think he and Barrett could provide us with a 2-3 month feud while providing several excellent matches. Also Christian is the type of person that doesn't mind putting guys over so thats why I think this feud could work.

3) Undertaker. WWE wants to have Taker wrestle at Survivor Series and I think Barrett could be the man to have him feud with. I don't know how long this feud could possibly last but I think a feud with Taker could determine how close Barrett is to being a top heel in the company. There is slight history between Barrett and Taker as Barrett and Nexus caused Taker to lose to Kane in a Buried Alive Match a few years back. I know that's too much time to try and tie a connection together but it would be really interesting if they feuded.

2) Santino Marella. I want to see this feud happen for the sole purpose of getting the US Title off of Santino. It's obvious that WWE doesn't care about the US title as it hasn't been defended since July 25th and he's only defended it 4 times since winning the title in early March. Having Barrett win the title would hopefully allow the title to be defended more and be seen on television more. Also, taking the title off Santino would give another heel a title as I think its good to have more heel champions than face.

1) Randy Orton. I know these two feuded at the end of 2011 to the beginning of 2012 but that was really a great feud. With Orton apparently not competing at Summerslam, I think Orton and Barrett could be great first feuds for each wrestler since their returns. I think Barrett and Orton could both get the best out of each other and put on a great feud to last throughout the rest of 2012 and maybe into the beginning of 2013.

Barrett's return will definitely add some star power to Smackdown as i think he has what it takes to be the top heel on Smackdown because he generates more heat than Dolph Ziggler. This is just a list of whom I wouldn't mind seeing Barrett feud with after he returns. Feel free to leave comments and your opinions and please be kind, it's my first blog.