Adam wilkinson

Have the Prime Time Players now become a lost cause?

With the recent events of A.W. being released, the question truly has become "what will become of the PTPs?."

Lets face facts, neither men acquire the mic skills to promote themselves, nor in the future will they be given the chance to. And even if they were, one screw up will send them back to the end of the line, so what is to become of them?.

A promising tag team to revamp the division has once again slipped away from us. The tag team division needed this, heck we all needed this. We needed something fresh and new, we finally got it and what happens? Just like always, it is taken away from us.

Young and O'Neil could have really been big. There's no doubt in me that their push is gone, and even if it isn't; even if they do win, do you really expect it to be a long reign? Could have been with A.W. Leading the way and promoting them, but with him now gone, thats all over.

Some tag teams don't need a manager, they can pretty much get it done on their own if it's the right guys. Example: Edge and Christian, Jericho and Christian, DX, Austin and HHH, Rock and Foley, Taker and Kane, Rated RKO, list goes on. But when you have up and coming stars like Young and O'Neil without a manager, they become a lost cause quick. They get lost in the shuffle of things fast. Unlike the superstars I named above, the younger talent needs someone to help them. They need someone to help them get known because they lack the skills to do it themselves.

I hate the fact, of what could have been such a promising tag team, go to waste the way that it will now. You may think I'm over thinking this, but just think about it yourself. Until they had the proper tv time and manager, did you really think you'd ever see those guys again?. I mean come on, as singles competitors they weren't the best. A.W. Truly brought them to life and made them seem bigger than they were.

In my eyes, WWE made a huge mistake firing him, suspension? that would have been fine, but fired? Come on now. You see it's reasons like that why so much good talent is gone and out of the WWE today. They don't think about what's best for the business anymore, but rather more what's best for politics, and image. I'm all for the WWE having a good name and all, but one day they are gonna learn, that right thing to do, isn't always the best thing to do. Well anyway, in conclusion, I don't know about you guys, but to me, without A.W. The boys future are about to take a turn for the worse.

So what's your opinion on the matter and the future of the PTPs?. And let me know whether you agree or disagree with me, or is half and half.