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The Future of the Barrett Barrage

As a proud member of the RSNation, I for one am enthusiastic for the return of one, Wade Barrett. The former FCW tag champ, and former Intercontinental champ is primed, according to our very own Steve Carrier, to be headed to a major title run in the near future. The bar fighting, Wasteland delivering, master of the mic, King of NXT, man that is Barrett, will succeed in his title run. Why do you believe that you ask? Here are five specific reasons to answer why he will have future success upon his return.

5. Sheer size, athleticism, and ring technical abilities- Not only is Barrett an impressive 6'7 270, a massive man in any major sport, he moves around the ring as briskly as anyone I've seen in WWE for his size, drawing a comparison to the likes of Kane in my opinion. Kane's career has always been highlighted by his not only scary promos, but his versatility to be fast, strong, and athletic while using every corner of the ring as a weapon, a skill that Barrett has used effectively, and with more time in the spotlight, could really become one of the best in the business.

4. His natural leader qualities- While some may disagree this point, i believe Barrett really came into his own as a leader for the Nexus and the Corre. He led the likes of Ryback, (a possible future Goldberg) Daniel Bryan, Darren Young, (member of the Primetime Players) Heath Slater (Wendy's chick look-a-like, one man band getting smashed by the Legends) and Big Ezekiel Jackson to name a few. Quite frankly i could list more, but you get my point. Barrett is a leader that demanded respect from a diverse group of individuals, and GOT IT. If he can't win on his own, he can always create a Barrett Barrage (new stable possibly) of his own to help accomplish his goals.

3. He learned from his past- Barrett, in being one of WWE's best young heels in the company has feuded with the likes of Cena, Orton, Big Zeke, Sheamus, and Daniel Bryan. All faces at the time, and Barrett held his own. Until his injury he was primed for a MITB win and World Title run. Barrett feuded with Orton repeatedly at the top for the WHC, Cena over Nexus status, and Big Zeke for the IC. While he may not have won most of his rivalries, Barrett was able to accomplish what the WWE wants. Good feuds, good matches, and good promos, and with time, he can only get better and better. Barrett won't make the same mistakes twice, he rarely did, and he proved his dominance as a top heel.

2. The Current Champions aren't that strong- With the exception of CM Punk, the WWE is ready for titles to change hands. More specifically, the US and WHC titles. Santino's done nothing for the title, and had a run that is by far too lengthy for such a prestigious title, with a non prestigious wrestler. Don't get me wrong, I understand the need for a comedy act, but there's no need for a comedy act with a belt. Barrett could provide excellent heat as a heel champ
to put over a new face champion in the company, basically making Barrett hold the title shortly to jump up to bigger and better things to come. Barrett would also be an excellent person to feud yet agai with the Great White, Barrett's promo work alone could sell the match. Both are big physical brawlers that could either legitimize Sheamus as champ, or show the WWE Universe that the Barrett Barrage has started. If anything, put Barrett into a feud with Miz, could you imagine the promo work these two could do together? The matches they could put on? Simply outstanding in this writers opinion. If his singles runs doomed, re-team him with Drew to re-form The Empire and have them snatch up the Tag titles and return the tag division to a state of dominance.

1. Mic Skills- One of the single most, if not the most important part of character believability is his mic skills. Barrett flat out has got the IT factor in this department. His promos even in his FCW/NXT days were outstanding, the best of the competition, and even in the big leagues the heat he can generate in his promos are top tier quality. He is one of the best heels in the company right now, due in large part to his mic skills. His arrogance on the mic and even in his walk, sells the fact he believes in his character and can sell it to a tee. Whether a good guy or a bad guy, Barrett's got mic work for days that will continue to push him higher and higher in the company.

These are all just my opinion, but i can see Barrett only going up in the company. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts on my first blog.

"An expert is a man who tells you a simple thing in a confused way in such a fashion as to make you think the confusion is your own fault." ~William Cast

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